Why did we call ourselves MAD PIZZA ?

Quite literally, becuase we are absolutely, ravingly, fanatically and throughly MAD ABOUT PIZZA! its just not more complicated than that.

After visiting Italy many many times ..actually just to eat pizza! we decided that we would try to make pizza just as good in Australia.

So we signed a lease and started importing two containers of everything needed to make pizza in Australia as good as it is in Italy. We even imported 50 barrels of water taken from a tap in Rome, just to remove the variable that perhaps it could be the water that makes it so good over there.

Initially we became known for our SUPERTHIN base, actually thinner than anything else available anywhere. More recently, in conjunction with API (Associazione Pizzerie Italia) we developed something amazing, a thin version of the traditional "Roman style" pizza - totally unique anywhere, crispy on the base yet soft and fluffy up top our ROMANO pizza base takes 72 hours to make.

Why do we bother with 72 hours levitation? The answer is in one word DIGESTION. We wanted to make a pizza that was MORE TASTY and LIGHTER than a Napoli pizza but most importantly much more DIGESTIBLE than a Napoli pizza.

Have you noticed that sometimes when you eat a pizza, it tastes delicious but when you walk away you feel over full and sluggish? This is because, like eating a loaf of fresh bread - it tastes great but it is hell to digest.

The 72 hour levitation process allows time for the fermentation to develop correctly, the dough is allowed to rise twice in this process and is broken down both times producing a dough that develops an amazing flavour when cooked and light texture that not only looks and tastes amazing, but is extremely easy to digest.

So the result is that when you eat a ROMANO pizza at MAD it not only tastes delicious but you walk away feeling satisfied but not full - so try it out! It's freaking amazing Bello ! xx